Always carry a camera with you..
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An eye witness said ' the lorry drifted into the curb and as the driver swerved the paint fell out'. The road was closed for a few hours while it was made safe for traffic to pass


I heard someone cut them up sending them off road


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Taken shortly after it all fell over


Allways check your left mirror

We arrived at the roundabout first, we even had the handbrake on while we waited for a gap...


Too fast!

Only missed seeing this by a few seconds as we came up Twydall Lane

Try letting the tyres down!

We had to turn arround and find another way...


Someone pull the plug out!

Seaton Road 3rd July 2007


My son took this


Always watch where your going!

A very hard rear end shunt that nearly pushed the truck infront into us as we went around Will Adams


Should be left in 1st gear

Handbrake Fail?


Tight Squeeze

This caused a major traffic jam as the bus couldn't get through



When looking for a parking space, watch where your going...


Who knows?

I heard the driver telling people 'it just rolled over'


Dont drink and drive!

The driver of the white Audi had to be cut free and was later charged with drink driving


Think he changed his mind at the last moment...


Oh dear!

Glad I wasn't next to it..


Watch where your going...

I saw this one happen, the lorry was only moving slowly